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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss

in Walnut Creek, Los Altos & San Jose

Every session is planned by our doctor & overseen by an experienced, certified applied kinesiologist assistant.
We are the Bay Area's #1 doctor supervised weight loss clinic that delivers safe, effective, and rapid weight loss. We use a personalized combination of different modalities that allow our patients to lose incredible amounts of fat easily, and without hunger, cravings, surgery, stimulants, strenuous exercises, shots, shakes, packaged foods, medications or diet pills. *Results May Vary*

We have been specialists in fat loss since 1988. We know from experience that almost every chronic health condition can be improved by losing fat. Since our focus is on improving your overall health, we have observed that patients will experience positive changes in their health when they participate in our fast and easy fat loss program.
Our San Jose patients have experienced weight loss while chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, headaches, and others improve or completely resolve. This caught the attention of many local doctors because we were able to achieve such dramatic results without the side effects of medications, shots, or surgeries. As a result many difficult and chronic medical cases are referred to our clinic.
When we started in practice our fat loss programs were centered around health, vitality, and improved mobility. As more advanced technologies became available we included them in our programs to help people lose weight fast. We strive to include the most advanced, non-invasive high technologies available. *Results May Vary*

Our Team

Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Workshops

Learn how to lose body fat in a supportive community. Each workshop is carefully planned and presented by Dr. Jennings, BME, DC, BCCN, BCIM, Dipl A4M

Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our fat loss workshops and programs are modified to fit your goals with customized methods to fit your body challenges and fat loss needs.

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Dr. Jennings and O'Connor Health Center are able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to living a healthy life.

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